Presentation Template


  • To receive the invitation card on Startup Village – the largest startup conference for technological entrepreneurs in Russia and the CIS countries and get the posibility 1 bln.rub. prize
  • To become the participant of a preaccelerator of GenerationS
  • To win prizes from partners
  • To present the project to acknowledged experts in the field of technologies and business development
  • To find the investor and partners


It is easy to become a participant of Startup Tour:

1. Register on website

2. In registration form you choose an option 'I want to participate in a competition'

3. Fill the form and download presentation of your project in your personal account



Monitor information on the website.

Directions of Competition

1. Biological and medical track

Technological ares of the projects

1. Materials, Equipment and Products to Change the Structure, Function and for the Visualization of Biological Fabrics, Organs and Cells
1.1 Devices and Analysis to Image Fabrics and Organs
1.2. Therapeutic devices
1.3. Diagnostic devices
1.4. Biobanks and repositories of biomedical data
2. Creation of Drugs / Therapeutics  
3. Omics Technologies and Bioinformatics
4. Cell and Tissue Therapy
5. Biotechnology in Agriculture and Industry
5.1. Crop Production
5.2. Stock Raising and Aquaculture
5.3. Industrial Biotechnology in Agriculture
5.4. Processing of Agricultural Industry Products
5.5. Forestry

2. Industrial track

1.Industrial technologies and materials

1. New Materials and Coverings
2. Digital Manufacturing
Design of industrial products and manufacturing, automation and optimization of industrial processes. Intelligent solutions for industry - industrial robotics, Industrial Internet (including sensors, computer vision, recognition systems and software), system of quality control, including monitoring in real time, etc.
3. Manufacturing Technology
The development of the means of production. Innovative technologies and tools in the industry - beam, laser, teracycle per second, plasma, electrochemical technologies and technologies using electromagnetic fields. 3D printing and additive technologies.
4. Projects in the Areas of Navigation, Geo-information Systems and Telecommunications
5. Transport and Space Systems - for complex projects with large aeronautical and satellite systems at the outlet, as well as individual solutions for the aerospace industry

2. Energy and energy efficiency technologies

2.1. Oil & Gas sector: 

  • Advanced technologies, hardware, exploration activities machinery;
  • Advanced technologies, hardware, hydracarbon extraction machinery;
  • Advanced technologies, hardware, hydrocarbon transportation machinery;
  • Advanced technologies, hardware, hydrocarbon processing machinery;
  • Advanced technologies, hardware, oil  & gas & coal chemistry.

2.2. Electric Power: 

  • Advanced technologies, hardware, electric power generation machinery based on fossil fuels (coal, gas, residual oil, etc.) as well as renewable energy resources (solar energy, widn energy, hydroenergy, geothermal energy, hydrogen energy, use of biomass);
  • Advanced technologies, hardware, electric energy transmission and distribution machinery;  
  • Advanced technologies, hardware, energy accumulation machinery.

2.3. Efficient use of energy resources for housing and public utilities, industries, transport:

  • Advanced technologies, hardware, upgraded efficiency for housing and public utilities including for construction, heat supply, water supply, gas supply, lighting, heating, ventilation, cooling and air-conditioning, domestic waste disposal, resource consumption smart management systems and others;
  • Advanced technologies, hardware, industrial efficiency machinery including extractive industries, steel industry, metal-processing, machineries and other energy-consuming sectors;
  • Advanced technologies, hardware, upgraded transport efficiency and eco-friendliness.

3. Information technologies track

1. Information Security: data protection, network security, prevention of cyber threats, the protection of engineering and business systems, biometric and identification systems.
2. Mobile Technologies and Platforms: devices and applications for health, wearable electronics, the new man-machine interfaces
3. New Communication Systems and the Internet of Things: sensors and sensor networks, embedded control systems, smart city / smart home. The new radioelectronic devices.
4. Information and Entertainment, Gaming and Educational Technologies. Devices and applications for augmented and virtual reality.
5. Digital Manufacturing: systems for the development, testing and operation of new products and devices. Automation and the "digitization" of planning and management.
6. Future of Retail: innovative technologies that provides a new level of interaction between buyer and seller.
7. Intelligent robotics and autonomous vehicles.